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  • Lancaster County Communities

    When it comes to real estate, it would be hard to find an area that’s so uniquely suited to so many home buyers. From the eclectic diversity and unique culture and history of Lancaster City to some of the most luxurious gated communities and suburban neighborhoods, Lancaster County has a lot to offer.

    Take a peek at some of Lancaster County’s most popular communities. You may just find the perfect fit for you!

    Lancaster City

    The City of Lancaster is among Pennsylvania’s finest, offering the perfect balance between a cosmopolitan lifestyle and peaceful rural and suburban surroundings with a picturesque landscape. City life offers a variety of perks, such as trips to Central Market on Saturday mornings, the nightlife and art exhibitions of First Friday or hot dogs and a local brew at the Barnstormers game on a summer weeknight.

    Lancaster is growing, awash in culture and places to explore. With over 200 unique shops and galleries, 90 different restaurants and so much more, there’s a home for you here in the Red Rose City.

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    School Lane Hills

    An excellent example of suburban development in Lancaster, School Lane Hills exemplifies the concept of unified suburban development. Construction began in 1926 when the land was divided into building plots and sold to select purchasers.

    Today, the houses of School Lane Hills include elaborate and grandiose mansions, but you'll also find a few modestly designed homes with intricate details that mirror their neighboring mansions.

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    Bent Creek

    Bent Creek Country Club is one of the region's premier country clubs, boasting one of the best, well-maintained golf courses in the area. But beyond that, Bent Creek is also recognized among Lancaster’s most luxurious gated communities. Beautiful home designs create a diverse yet unified beauty throughout the entire development.

    Residents enjoy luxuries such as privately maintained yards and streets and the security of access only through a staffed security gate. This community is among the most enviable in the county, and its homes are some of the most modern examples of luxury architecture.


    Lititz is just the coolest. Seriously, Lititz was voted the Coolest Small Town in America in 2013. A charming downtown with storefronts peddling everything from chocolate waterfalls to kangaroo jerky underscore the modernity and friendliness of the town.

    Lititz Springs Park, a great place for a family picnic or afternoon stroll, perfectly frames Lititz. Those looking for nightlife will love Second Fridays in the town, where shops and restaurants host events and special sales, similar to Lancaster’s and Philadelphia’s First Friday celebrations. Lititz also hosts arts and crafts fairs, weekly farmers’ markets and the annual Fire and Ice festival, keeping their cool all year long.

    Keeping these wonderful features is a diverse community with a culture focused on small businesses, family comforts and individual expression.

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    Grandview Heights

    The neighborhood of Grandview Heights got its start back in 1925 when Samuel R. Slaymaker purchased four hundred acres of farmland and began making plans to develop it. By 1927, plans had been completed and the original streets of Grandview were being paved. In late 1928, the first homes were complete and the seeds of a vibrant home community were sown.

    Over time, the development grew, and in 1937 the Manheim Township Nathan C. Schaeffer Elementary School opened, giving the development the potential to grow exponentially.

    Continuing development over the years brought the neighborhood to its fullest potential, with a full community of well designed homes. The neighborhood is the picture of serenity, with beautiful green lawns and luscious, full trees lining the streets that have been nearly a century in the making.

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